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St. James is dedicated to providing for the Catholic education of children and youth, as well as supporting parents in fulfilling their proper duties of fostering growth of Christian life in the family. Ongoing formation, either in the home, parish, or school is required before receiving sacraments and continues afterwards. 


A safe environment is provided for all parishioners, from the youngest to the oldest. Mandatory training and detailed background checks are required for all volunteers who work with children. Parents are provided with materials to use in discussing safe environment issues with their children. Learn more about the Safe Environment Policy in detail or register for training.

If you have a reasonable suspicion of abuse, neglect, or maltreatment report it immediately to the Department of Health and Human Services 1-800-96ABUSE. If the alleged abuse involved Ordinariate personnel, (priests, deacons, employees, teachers or volunteers), after contacting the authorities, please contact the Ordinariate Safe Environment Coordinator, Lynn Schmidt: 907-317-6257,


Rather than mechanistically assigning reception of a Sacrament to a particular age or grade, Ordinariate parishes and parochial communities involve parents and catechists through concrete markers to help discern, with their child, the time to begin preparation for the reception of a Sacrament. The Church’s Code of Canon Law enunciates four basic requirements for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation, which are equally applicable to the child’s reception of Confession and Eucharist:

  • The person must have reached the age of reason (age 7);

  • Must be instructed in a manner suitable to him/her;

  • Must be properly disposed to receive the Sacrament;

  • Must be able to renew the promises made in Baptism.

​​You can read more about the signs of a child's readiness in Bishop Lopes' Pastoral Letter on the Holy Spirit beginning in Part IV, The Celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation


Parents who wish to home-school their children for sacramental catechesis must provide the parish with the curriculum being used. Before receiving a Sacrament, one or more meetings with the Pastor or his delegate will be scheduled to ensure the child is sufficiently catechized and properly disposed to receiving that Sacrament.